Eye Cohort meeting held to discuss future plans

  Eye Cohort meeting held to discuss future plans Tuesday 2nd of December 2014

In a meeting hosted by Dr. Fatemeh Alipour, the Eye Cohort director, ophthalmologists, principle investigators (PIs), and representatives from different PERSIAN Cohort sites gathered at the Iran University of Medical Sciences amphitheater on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014, to discuss the Eye Cohort, what has been done thus far, and what future actions are needed.

After a brief greeting by Dr. Alipour, the meeting began with a presentation by Dr. Hossein Poustchi, the PERSIAN Cohort manager, who briefly talked about the four PERSIAN Cohort pilot studies that have begun, and those that are planned to start in the following months. After his presentation, Alireza Jalaeikhoo, PERSIAN Cohort’s IT professional, introduced the data server he has developed for the cohort, and spoke about the different sections, including the Eye Cohort section that has recently been added.

Being the only PERSIAN Cohort site that has already started the Eye Cohort, Dr. Mirzaei, the Eye Cohort representative from the Azar Cohort spoke next about their experiences running their cohort, giving statistics on the participation rate and the efficacy of their personnel to participant ratios. He then proposed future actions that are needed to be taken, leading into a group discussion about this issue.

The Eye Cohort is planned to run at 6 of the 10 PERSIAN Cohort sites.

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