Vision and aim

Vision and aim

Iran is experiencing an era of transition:

  • The epidemiologic transition from communicable diseases to NCDs
  • The demographic transition (ageing, urbanization)
  • The socio-economic transition
  • The life-style transition towards lower physical activity and increased rate of smoking, and opium and alcohol consumption
  • The dietary transition from traditional to western diet


Prospective studies are the best types to investigate and follow the above mentioned transitions. In this prospective cohort study, over 9,000 participants were recruited. Thus, a carefully planned feasibility phase was essential, with the following aims:


  • To investigate the response rate of the study population and the acceptability of the questionnaires;
  • To standardize the methods of physical examinations;
  • To standardize the procedures for collecting and storing biological samples;
  • To assess the reliability of interviews by conducting repeated interviews on a sample of subjects;
  • To evaluate the logistical aspects of the project.


We aim to investigate the burden of major NCDs and the burden attributable to their risk factors, to establish biospecimen banks for blood, urine, hair, and nail to be used in molecular and genetic studies and to establish a platform for possible future nested case-control studies and cost-effective interventions for prevention of NCDs in Iran.